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Risk Factors


An investment in Phillips Edison Grocery Center REIT II, Inc., involves significant risks, including the following:

  • Our advisor and its affiliates face conflicts of interest, including significant conflicts among us and our advisor, since (i) our principal executive officers own a majority interest in our advisor, and our property manager, (ii) our advisor and other affiliated entities may compete with us and acquire properties suitable to our investment objectives, and (iii) our advisor's compensation arrangements with us and other Phillips Edison sponsored programs may provide incentives that are not aligned with the interests of our stockholders.
  • You may not own more than 9.8% in value of the outstanding shares of our common stock or more than 9.8% of the number or value of any class or series of our outstanding shares of stock. Therefore, your ability to control the direction of our company will be limited.
  • No public market currently exists for our shares of common stock and one may never exist. If you are able to sell your shares, you would likely have to sell them at a substantial discount from their public offering price.
  • We may incur substantial debt, which could hinder our ability to pay distributions to our stockholders or could decrease the value of your investment in the event that income on, or the value of, the property securing the debt falls.
  • If we fail to continue to qualify as a REIT for federal income tax purposes or if we qualify and subsequently lose our REIT status, our operations and ability to make distributions to our stockholders would be adversely affected.
  • We are dependent on our advisor to select investments and conduct our operations. Adverse changes in the financial condition of our advisor or our relationship with it could adversely affect us.
  • We pay substantial fees and expenses to our advisor and its affiliates, which payments increase the risk that you will not earn a profit on your investment.
  • Our board of directors has the authority to designate and issue one or more classes or series of preferred stock without stockholder approval, with rights and preferences senior to the rights of holders of common stock, including rights to payment of distributions. If we issue any preferred shares, the amount of funds available for the payment of distributions on the common stock could be reduced or eliminated.
  • Distributions are not guaranteed. If distributions are declared and paid, the amount of the distributions paid may decrease or distributions may be eliminated at any time. Due to the risks involved in the ownership of real estate, there is no guarantee of any return on your investment, and you may lose all or a portion of your investment.
  • We may change our investment objectives and strategies without stockholder consent.
  • Our organizational documents permit us to pay distributions from any source, including unlimited amounts from offering proceeds and borrowings. Any of these distributions may reduce the amount of capital we ultimately invest in properties and other permitted investments and negatively impact the value of your investment especially if a substantial portion of our distributions are paid from offering proceeds.